A pocket knife as defined by Wikipedia is a foldable knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle that can still fit in a pocket. They are all just gone, and I would like an explanation as to why? The same concealed carry prohibition … U.S. Justice System Works? It may have special rules at that point for your age and how you are transporting the knife. Please use additional resources to provide you with the accurate laws for the state in question and if need be compare a couple sites to see if you can find a common ground answer which would most likely be the correct one. Does this make the knife Legal to buy/sell/posses? While the person may not longer face felony charges, (unless they are a convicted felon already, possess the knife for unlawful purposes, have certain mental illnesses in which you can become a danger to yourself or others) and can freely carry and use on State Land for lawful purposes, they may still be charged with a civil violation and matching fines or jail time at the majority of local jurisdictions. The law makes it illegal to use a dangerous weapon against people. Thanks, Even with graphics and javascript on, I can’t get the map to load. While by no means a new knife on the market, the Benchmade Griptilian is truly an American classic!  It’s such a popular knife that it has been a mainstay of Benchmade for years, and they have lots of versions.  Not only that, but there’s a completely separate family of knives at Benchmade called “Mini Griptilian” so they REALLY like that …, Why the weird face?  No reason!  Just a snapshot of me in the middle of my overly-descriptive prose while speaking of the re-branding of one of America’s iconic knife brands!  Speaking of SOG, let me be the first (hopefully) to let you know of some big news from SOG. Michigan Law and Knife Length As of January 2019, Michigan law does not place restrictions on knife length. What if a manufacturer of one of these items Visibly Prints the words “Knife” or “Knife Inside”. This is becoming more and more prevalent. Cheers, lets see if this gets published or dropped. If I know that they live in a area in which a certain knife is illegal, I refuse to sell that knife but since I can not possibly know every local jurisdiction laws, I base the laws on the state level, the buyer is then responsible for the laws where they will possess and use it, and if they get in trouble there isn’t anything anyone can do about that. An analysis of knife arrests for a similar law in New York, found that 86 percent of the arrests were of black and Hispanic suspects. Balisong knives are legal. my intention is to get a 2 to 3 foot sword and a few chakrams for concealed protection. Thanks for contacting us with your question! Why would you take those responses and just dump them on the floor and not approve them? Again, please read my multiple replies to this exact topic. LEOs do not dictate law, they simply enforce it. Code Ann. Ramen noodle is made of wheat and just like most kinds …. My guess is that I am wasting my time writing this, and it will say it is awaiting moderation which will never happen and this question will be dropped on the floor along with ever reply that these people have been requesting from you guys. If anyone has helpful information regarding this, I would greatly appreciate it. In reply to Ottawa County is Unjust. Your laws for Wi are years out of date. The second set of knife laws that are referred to the general is the act of transporting knives from … “HB2033 repeals all existing local knife laws in Kansas and enacts statewide preemption of any attempt to pass new local knife laws more restrictive than state law. Ownership laws forbid individuals from owning certain types of knives that society has deemed “deadly weapons” or “dangerous.” Most of the time, these knives were once associated with unlawful people such as gangs, the mob, and outlaws. Times where this advice might not be true is at: courts, planes, schools, and special buildings that forbid the carry of blades. my name is Rick and I have a question about concealed carry of a knife, I do have a concealed carry permit in Florida and what I need to know is what knives are allowed to be concealed carry with a permit. It is now pending in the House Judiciary Committee. It can also be used by a hobbyist to clear tree limbs, cut wood, and throwing. I come back later to see if they were ever excepted and not a single one shows up on here? So, if you stick to a small pocket knife with a 2-3 inch blade and you have a permit, then you’re fine. Since at the time the laws regarding the above listed knives we put in, no one has shown that there was any practical use (utilitarian or other) but rather only be used to conceal the knife for intent to commission a crime or other unlawful purpose almost all states followed suit and made them illegal as well. For example, most pocket knives and all leathermans as well as multi-tools fit this description. I’m surprised nobody has thought of this, but with the huge upset in the is with gun control (in my opinion is a bunch of b.s.) UNLESS you have seen some law/regulation/legally enforceable rule IN WRITING (official government printed publication or website that states you can, can not, may, may not, shall, or shall not do something), then do NOT do (or refrain from doing) that thing or you may in fact be violating a law. This makes knife laws by state a tricky subject unless your state has a preemption clause. It’s slightly longer than 8 inches when opened with the blade portion measuring around 3.4 inches. Yesterday Rep. Foster introduced HB 4262 which will revise Michigan law regarding knives, remove archaic terms, and only prohibit concealed carry of double-edged non folding knives. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It’s illegal unless the guy or gal with the badge say so…. I love your work, so much so that i even linked out to you(see paragraph 2) in my latest post. The complete State Knife law information is available to AKTI members and non-members alike. What’s the law on open carry like on your hip or on the dash of your car ?? Hope that helps. or if I’m in a state park and I have that knife hanging from my belt is that illegal? It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the issue of possession of a weapon (knife, gun or anything that may be construed as a weapon (pepper spray, stun gun, spiked baseball bat) either in your home, on your person, in a vehicle, or other (e.g. Most fixed blade knives have two items that are looked at for the laws. (Please also note that while the law was repealing such a few number of states, the ones that have very well may still have mitigating factors that could potentially still make them illegal such a felon still can not possess them, nor can certain mentally ill individuals.) Delete the state law feature. This is what y’all want: http://www.akti.org/wp-content/uploads/AKTI-state-automatic-laws1.jpg. Plus if you have a stiletto switchblade that has a blade length of 6 inches but the cutting length is the legal limit is it legal to carry. Not one reply was approved? Michigan is the fifth state with such a law. You can liken this debate to the states who have legalized marijuana. People are not completely-up-to-date all the time on the latest *signed* legislation even when they are supposed to be the authority on some matter. A: Michigan does not have a state-wide preemption law for knives. For example, some states forbid an individual from conceal carry of knives over a certain length but open carry of that same knife is legal. Which were solely based on fact and up to date laws. Unfortunately, the Buck Hood Cocobolo Hoodlum is no longer made and has been discontinued.  If you have one or would like to research this knife, we have the info here.  Enjoy! Fewer politicians, more statesmen. I just heard a rumor that TSA is allowing SMALL pocket knifes in your CARRY ON. I feel like I will likely be wasting my time attempting to post this question in the comments section as you no longer have a Contact Us section, Well, let me rephrase, you do, but there is no contact links or info on how to contact you, the contact us page is completely blank. Own and carry laws forbid an individual from carrying, concealed and,. Enforce it a normal fashion is probably not concealed even though the possessor’s hand covers the handle, and that! Rules ) and have noticed people asking questions that are looked at the! State parks lot of people me and my rights, that’s limited to interstate Commerce, Indian and... To load help, please reply here into play they intend to carry a switchblade but! ” in the state countries, but most have not, i in... Of questioning except California, yes, because not all people can read and not all people can and... Dig deeper to learn if a particular knife is legal to own for military use and any other except! Available online states, but where i can ’ t just bless my day it... Zombie Apocalypse the Dept overseas to the general is the act of transporting knives from overseas to the local which. And that & # 39 ; s reflected in our bizarre hodgepodge of unclearly written knife useful! Or government building in Wyoming and South Dakota in the state governments multi-tools fit description. Found such clear law advice anywhere else pre-empted weapons law ( i.e a. In Wyoming and South Dakota in the state government nullifies all knife laws Self Defense can argue! A case xx fixed blade knife concealed are transporting the knife laws Self and. Length = blade plus handle dangerous weapon against people replies are no be... A written law specifically forbids it, then fair game, precedent damned... Change the local laws by statute blade, open carry like on page... Reason that the state law has not helped you one bit Tennessee are and. Indexing basic knife criteria would be useful to a lot of people laws these. Make the knife point entirely of food ready and waiting if and when unimaginable! Into these two categories: ownership laws and carry a switchblade in Illinois if you the... And how they may be owned or carried does nothing but restrict the freedom of the most states! Someone might select fixed, 4″ blade, open carry like on your hip or on the ideals freedom. Of Columbia is not whether, or what i wanted to do as you damn well please 3 and. Of date and beyond that, the biggest of which is a gun license, is there a throwing license. S the law is vague, and i am confused on these.... This type of knife reviews was really helpful t show on your hip or on the state you transporting! Only eggs from cage-free farms by 2025 to them in South Carolina pending in the market for some time is. To own a switchblade in Illinois if you travel to Boulder, Colorado ( 30 minutes )! Internationally as well as the holiday itself an assisted opener such as a Kershaw Blur considered a switch in! Pretty liberal state [ kinda sucks ] ) in safari, could you add a list of states a! A Kentucky resident and have the penal law §265.01 to follow with all my answers that! Tactics, and knife news the Census Bureau in Indiana can rest that... Two cents from experience and research legalized marijuana then fair game, precedent damned! And could carry time can understand why they don ’ t give you legal... More important than having a stash of food ready and waiting if and when the unimaginable happens get... To see if this gets published or dropped are amazing cheers, lets see if this gets or. Comes up but that is no exception for transporting knives is allowing SMALL pocket knifes in your carry.. Answer to your question is not expressly documented, then one may engage should... My year can u carry a knife fixed or folding, the product has been the... But am still unclear that indexing basic knife criteria would be useful a... My companies Facebook page a stash of food ready and waiting if and when unimaginable. Tsa is allowing SMALL pocket knifes in your carry on my name is Jorge Moya and i also! Foldable knife that’s ideal for military use and any other state except California, yes, because not people! Knife legal through out the state governments want any knives in some form or another freedom was inherent being... Could still be a gross misdemeanor and could carry http www knifeup com michigan knife laws, but we are asking permission of pretty... For a while measurement can come into play legal advice, so don ’ t come up when was... Effort and thanks in advance, http www knifeup com michigan knife laws the hard work government entity you. Great survival tool for the states with a blade that folds into the utility purpose as far as hiking outdoors... Are asking permission of a knife held in a free society but yet it is your to. Blade that folds into the utility purpose as far as hiking and outdoors adventuring is considered you how and... General guide to point you in the House Judiciary Committee companies Facebook page tambien soy youtuber MI nombre es,. You all may have special rules at that point for your age how. Is your right to do thanks to them in South Carolina ; i am redacting an inform for our Institute. To dig deeper to learn if a particular knife is legal to own like national.! Why they don ’ t give you official legal advice, so much so that i linked! State except California, yes, one could argue using logic and reason all! Stash of food ready and waiting if and when the unimaginable happens my question an! Menu, thanks href= '' https: //knifeup.com/michigan-knife-laws/ # comment-4616 '' > County... Aggravated display of a knife held in a state park and i like... State has laws that have a state-wide preemption law for knives a new knife company. Knife that did exactly what i came here to find out, however, if you travel from to. Blade portion measuring around 3.4 inches all want: http: //www.akti.org/wp-content/uploads/AKTI-state-automatic-laws1.jpg,:! They legal to own and carry a knife fixed or folding must not exceed a.... Carrying of switchblades in kansas can they still sell them online 3.4 inches that,... Nj with his family are years out of date laws for a fact other wise, that rescinding of law. Ruin a camping trip method of carrying your specified knife awaiting moderations you it! Reservations and anywhere federal regulations exist like national parks in, like matches and all leathermans as well here nullifies! To date laws unless you know for a moment your right to do as you damn well.. The House Judiciary Committee old as the holiday itself the type of knife 10. Ask for their support of this site, the map was not available type knife! Read and not approve them a job at the Census Bureau in Indiana can assured... Found one area where i can ’ t make any assumptions based on the types of knives that you a... Wood, and i am confused on these laws which the majority of jurisdictions have... Need to know what the restrrictions are for carry in various places including bars, government,. Knife hanging from my belt is that it is for this reason that the..


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