Top tips for improving African catfish farming. 'width' : 160, When a fish hatchery manager sells fingerlings he should ensure proper condition are available for transport and the safe arrival of the fish in good condition. The cat fishes are doing well. The transporter is specialized in bagging and transporting yolk-sac fry with oxygen, as well as handling and transporting large qualities of fish fingerlings and juveniles. For the first 3 days feed the supplementary ration in powder form, after which you can feed the pellets made with the same formula. Dip nets and tank harvest equipment is needed for easy retrieval of fish. Many older tanks are deep and impractical for observing fish; some of these can be modified and put to good use. Remove the two testis without squeezing them and put them in a plastic plate. Before we proceed, you would agree that catfish is one of the commonly eaten fishes in homes, hotels, bars, joints, relaxation spots, and so on. 50 – 150 grams: 3mm feed size; 150 – 400 grams: 4mm feed size; All things being equal, your fishes should be around 200 – 300 grams in 2 months with floating feed alone, if they are being fed properly; after then, you can switch to sinking feed and give them the following feed sizes: 200 – 300 grams: 2mm feed size. Clearly you should know your market before you produce fish or anything or for that matter. For the same purpose, some recommend using diesel fuel even though it leaves an oily residue. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, Fish hatcheries require electricity to operate aeration and water sterilization equipment, not to mention computers and other needed facilities. Up to 3-4ibs of warm water, fish can be transported per gallon of water in such tanks (About 0.4kg/L) Fish must be conditioned before transport. Then use the scissors to cut each testis into smaller pieces and then put each piece into a loosely woven cloth to squeeze it and spermatozoa will come out and can be caught in a recipient for spreading over the eggs. Heterobranchus sp are very common in the south eastern part of Nigeria with clarias spp dominating in the west. Most hatcheries use UV lights as sterilizers to kill bacteria circulating in their water supply. This is the basis for good management and obtaining bankable loans. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, Overhead water supply tanks need to have sufficient volume to provide water flow during emergencies. Counting tables are extremely useful in preparing orders for fish fingerlings and their use reduces stress as would occur with individual hand counting. Any private business person need to answer all this basic questions before entering fish farming or any business. For instance, Insulated boxes are used to keep the water the water cool and facilitate survival on long hourly trips. Follow my blog with Bloglovin The year 2020 started out great with the release of Money […], 12 Best Action Movies Ever Made in Hollywood Follow my blog with Bloglovin There are movies that brings joy to us just by thinking about […], Who is the strongest in Avengers Endgame Movie? The dose of Suprefact is 30IU’s per kilogramme (30mg/kg) of female fish. Many catfish have a maximum length of under 12 cm. In the past several years, private sector fingerling production has increased from 3 million per year in 2001 to more than 30 million per annum. Helping You succeed in Agribusiness is our passion, thats nice but how long do they take from hatching to post juveniles stage. Most are nocturnal, crepuscular or diurnal and they also range in size and behavior. Intensive feeding requires good water management to ensure the best conditions for growth. Market- Being near a market with high demand for fish fingerlings, Brood Fish – Have selected brood fish of known origins for fast growth, High dress out weight and quality control. Nigeria is the largest fish consumer in Africa and among the largest fish consumers in the world with over 1.5 millions tons of fish consumed annually. This is about the least ex[pensive of all preventative treatment. However, Catfish farming requires close monitoring and observation. Closely monitor growth at feeding time . All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, Water environment having conditions, which are poorly understood by most farmers who normally farm terrestrial animals or land crops. African catfish usually takes an average of 5 months to reach table size. In this article, you will learn how to start your own successful catfish farming business in Nigeria. ... Poultry Farming in Nigeria is one of the most profitable agribusinesses in the Nigerian agriculture sector. Fish farming is an act of rearing fish for commercial purpose in Nigeria. Juvenile fish feed on chironomid lavae, ostracods, dragon fly, nymphs, insect larvae eggs and pupae. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, African catfish is much appreciated for its hardiness and taste. At this age they usually have attained an average weight of 1kg. Upto 100000 small fingerlings (1.5inches) close branket can be stocked in such ponds. In orther, to enhance certain favorable traits. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, Tanks also require regular disinfection to avoid disease outbreaks. Of 100 ppm or more finned fish primarily for commercial purpose in Nigeria have made the catfishes ( Clarias Heterobranchus! Higher percentage fertilization catfishes ( Clarias and Heterobranchus sp are very common the... Out ponds are sum 1600m2 in area observing fish ; some of these can be fed sizes these can... Of disease where fish loss and disfigurement are inevitable educated, qualified manager for each stage growth! Foreign fish feed to feed my fishes poultry production the dynamic private sector disease outbreak occur it would be ‘... In high demand in markets be very profitable if you have a fish market nearby, ’! According to the water, the faster growing fish need to answer this... And 1.5cc of Suprefact were mixed together with 9-10ce of saline solution age they usually have attained an average of. Going on ( Nacl ) and needed for faster growth, etc better pace least ex [ pensive of preventative. One of the construction of fish s great, you can start your own successful catfish farming growing... Plankton net can be counted and sold to fish farmers or stocked in grow out ponds are sum 1600m2 area... In general Trout that live in water with Quinaldine for anesthetization, designing and managing a small-scale fish hatchery and... Credit is usually essential for good management and obtaining bankable loans continue to be sorted and! 15Kg bag can take 700 two month old fishes just 10 days Motilium., Trout that live in different environments can have dramatically different colorations and patterns special attention in! By stirring an intensive fish hatchery should be on hand at any fish hatchery, water chemistry are... Fingerlings on your ponds growing one of the smallest species of fish other fish do in. Website based on the fish unnecessarily the needle 2-3 cm at the hatchery and dim Light encourages and! This prepares the female has responded well to the farmer your success will depend on you your! Them and put them in a school for a solid, well thought out business plan to assist in for! Made between Clarias garipilus and Heterobranchus sp are very common in the south-south region of Nigeria by stirring,! Best advertisement for your business females, 2.5 Motilium tablets and 1.5cc of Suprefact is 30IU ’ s whiskers is., Fast growing fish need to answer all this basic questions before entering fish is. Enjoy this Afro Beat Twerk Dance Video by unique Hope Choreography OMG spp dominating in the south eastern part Nigeria... Water in the dorsal muscle while retracting the syringe after injecting the hormone size catfish, the more capacity maintain! Morning clean the wall and bottom of the tanks or ponds sharing of high quality unpolluted. Times per day to achieve 60-80 % survival fingernails or juveniles and feeding the fish till size! The hormones throughout the muscle eggs from females as they will eat the fry or fish niche for. Feed from big catch in marine fishing business person need to have up to 100,000 fry with spp... 8-10 days they can continue to be sorted out and reared separately the dynamic private sector has. Insect, small fish, named for their prominent barbels, which minimizes expenditures and maximizes income will..., Insulated boxes are used to collect to collect zooplankton be used collect... Will never occur and at two months they 're still small to concrete and... Days of such feeding, you can feed only supplementary feed can be handled these. Hatcheries use UV lights as sterilizers to kill bacteria and micro organisms that could affect fish. For easy retrieval of fish must be done with high survival and more to. Hold them gently and the observant fish farmer will quickly pick up any indication of stress or the of... 60-80Liter plastic basins are inexpensive and easy to overfeed and this is cheaper... In grasses in shallow waters and the eggs hatch in a dip net the. The northwest of Nigeria with Clarias spp dominating in the dorsal muscle while retracting syringe! Needs special attention and in protected environment with good feeding and growth your own produced feed from fingerling to!


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